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        Avoid paying taxes. Become judgment proof. Read Pay NO Taxes and protect your money and your assets from lawsuits, judgments, the government, capital gains taxes, greedy lawyers, and scorned spouses

     This easy to read book has information gathered from former IRS agents and 20 years of personal experience. Learn what the IRS agents know, and I learned, how to beat the system, sequester all your assets and become judgment proof

      Use the same Loopholes the smartest people in America use to become and remain rich

Its your money-keep it.

Pay NO Income Taxes





  • 100% legal tax loopholes described
  • 100% Money back guarantee on paperback purchases
  • Tax tips on how to avoid paying income taxes and how to pay no more taxes
  • Learn how to protect your money from capital gains taxes, lawsuits, government, greedy lawyers, frivolous lawsuits, scorned spouses, and tax liens. 
  • Is your salary check smaller than you'd like? Cut your withholding See page 18.
  • How to slip under the IRS radar. Page 18.  
  • Learn how to avoid an audit. Page 19
  • Treat the IRS like any collection agency. Page 22.
  • Sequester your assets. Learn how. Page 23
  • The IRS has a statute of limitations. Learn how to use it to your benefit and not pay them. Page 32.
  • Short of money at tax time? Send none with your return. Page 33.
  • Keep your home, car, boat, coin collection, etc. away from the IRS. Page 38
  • If you have your own business. Learn how to avoid taxes. Page 37
  • Not every bill has to be paid on time. Learn which ones must to avoid a negative credit rating. Page 52
  • Learn how to be tax exempt and how to Pay NO Taxes! See chapter one.
  • Do you want tax relief? Read chapters one and two.
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     This easy to read book has information gathered from former IRS agents, tax lawyers, and more than 20 years of personal experience. Learn what the IRS agents, tax lawyers, those who offer tax help, and I learned; how to beat the system.

     Forget about tax credit. Forget about inheritance tax. Read this book and learn how to pay no income taxes and how to sequester your assets to protect them from any inheritance tax and capital gains tax. 

Learn about Section 1031 The biggest secret of Real Estate Investing. Pay NO Capital Gains on your Income from Real Estate ventures!

Creative tax loopholes the richest people in America use to legally pay no taxes.

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